If you have thousands of different products in your portfolio it is absolutely crucial to have a sustainable & reliable process in place to avoid getting suspended on marketplaces due to restricted products. These restrictions can widely differ by channel or country and include particular brands, selected ‘innocent’ product categories or specific products that one may expect the least.

Each marketplace has its own internal rules and listing an “unauthorised” product can lead to account suspension and even legal proceedings. easymarketplace’s automatic alghorithms will continuously analyse your portfolio every day and detect problematic products.

Besides product restrictions our systems also automatically identify other issues such as duplicate or wrong listings of your products, or price errors that may occur.

Benefits With Our Service

You are not sure if any of the marketplaces may have restricted the sale of some of your products? You need a reliable solution to avoid sales (and cancellation) spikes due to your or your suppliers’ system price errors?

easymarketplace has developed an automatic solution that will never stop analysing your products before listing it on marketplaces.