Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you don't get your question's answer in below.

Nothing, there is no hidden fixed or variable cost besides the small margin we add on the price of your products. A lot of companies apply monthly fees or commissions based on a percentage of sales to sell on marketplaces. You will provide us your B2B sales prices and we apply a minimum additional amount of margin to cover our cost. This margin is very fair an in line with industry standards.

There are various benefits of working with easymarketplace, to name the 11 biggest ones:

  • You will benefit from our know-how and 11+ years online marketplace experience to maximize the sales of your product in a stable & scalable way.
  • You will not have IT development costs for creating a fully automated connection and new process with each single marketplace
  • You are paid on time by our strong company group (some marketplaces can suspend your account and postpone payments by months if your customer reviews or operational metrics are not good enough)
  • You do not need to sign contract with each marketplace and manage the account on day to day basis
  •  You do not need to take care of daily B2C customer service in various European languages
  • You do not need to take care of costly customer returns from all over Europe
  • You do not take care of any EU VAT, customs, accounting and/or reporting legislations
  • You can benefit from our Product AI algorithms. If you have a very large product portfolio, you do not need to worry about marketplaces suspensions due to restricted products or EAN mismatches resulting in high cancellations.
  • If you prefer you can keep your stock in your own warehouse and use it for other sales channels at the same time. We will order it only once we have a confirmed customer order.
  • You have full flexibility and can easily add or remove products overnight yourself, and we can make even marketplace-specific settings to offer some products only in particular countries and/or sales channels.
  • If you are a B2B company, you do not need to change all your operations to become B2C-compliant. You sell to us as B2B, and we do the rest.

You will access a huge market of 300+ million online shoppers in Europe. The online sales growth depends on many factors such as stock availability, product category, marketing investment and sales prices but some of our partners were able to double their B2C online turnover in a couple of weeks.

Definitely yes. Amazon is big but there are many other marketplaces across Europe that are very interesting. For example in France we work with Darty, Fnac, Cdiscount, Rue Du Commerce, Conforama, Boulanger and others which together are considerably bigger than Amazon France.

Also, if you or your partner work for example with Amazon only as B2B supplier (Amazon Retail), there is big additional potential for a cooperation with easymarketplace (Amazon marketplace) because many products are only sold by external sellers (and not by Amazon directly), which is one of the reasons why the 3rd party sales on Amazon are continuously growing every year.

Yes. There are some product categories which cannot be sold on particular marketplaces and some limitations for cross-border transportation in term of weight or dimensions. Feel free to contact us and one of our account managers will inform you if your products are eligible.

You have no contractual obligation and can stop at any time if you are not satisfied.

Yes. For each single product in your portfolio we can make a tailored setting if necessary.

No. All products from you will be offered under the name of our company. Other companies or companies will not know that you are the supplier.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you don't get your question's answer in below.

In the first step we only need very basic information and our systems will do the rest. Please contact us and one of our technicians will provide you more information.

easymarketplace is part of a German company group (with 1200+ employees) which exist since 1960. All the invoices will be paid on time by our group based on agreed payment terms. Our group can be covered by your insurance.

You will issue B2B invoices to one company in our company group that you can insure. We will resell on invoice the EU customer.

No easymarketplace will centralize all the orders from the different marketplaces and send them to you. It will be very easy for you, the contractual relation will be between you and easymarketplace only.

No, currently we do not offer dropshipment. All the goods will be received in our warehouse and checked, packed, resent and confirmed to customer according to marketplace guidelines. If our cooperation works well we may consider in future a potential dropshipment agreement.

It is not mandatory. We can offer your products on marketplaces regardless the location of your stock. However, for bestsellers we can maximize your sales by storing the products in our own warehouse and allowing faster dispatches resulting in, for example, next day delivery for Germany.

No, easymarketplace customer service will do it for you at no cost.

Yes. You are free to add or remove offers on any marketplace. Removing a listing can be fully managed on your side within 24h.  We can also make a tailored setting by marketplace for you in case you prefer to sell some products only in chosen channels.

This is not a problem. Following your request we can put your account on hold any time until you are ready again.